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Voluntary Codes of Conduct and Public Commitments

To help ensure that your consumer rights are protected as an Alterna Bank Client, we have adopted several Voluntary Codes of Conduct and Public Commitments. The following guidelines outline the high standards and level of service you can expect when you bank with us.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada ("FCAC") oversees adherence to these Voluntary Codes and Public Commitments. You may contact the FCAC in writing at:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

427 Laurier Ave. West, 6th Floor

Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9

Information about the FCAC and its role and about consumer protection laws and regulations, is available at www.fcac-acfc.gc.ca.

FCAC services in English 1-866-461-FCAC (3222)

FCAC services in French 1-866-461-ACFC (2232)

For calls from the Ottawa area or from outside Canada: 613-960-4666

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