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eTerm Deposits

Worry-free investment. Guaranteed return.

With Alterna Bank's eTerm Deposit/GIC rates, you get more out of your savings on a short, medium & long term commitment. Compare our rates and choose the investment option that’s right for you.

Our current eTerm Deposit Rates

1 year
eTerm deposit

Minimum $500 Maximum $500,000

2 year
eTerm deposit

Minimum $500 Maximum $500,000

3 year
eTerm deposit

Minimum $500 Maximum $500,000

*rates subject to change

Please make sure to open and review the terms and conditions of the new products you are opening.

Non-Registered Term Deposit Certificate T&Cs

Registered Term Deposit Certificate T&Cs

New Clients

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Existing Clients

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Special promotional rates may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice. Existing term deposits cannot be broken to receive this offer. Rate shown for annual interest. Annual compound interest paid monthly or annually. Minimum investment $500 ; Maximum investment $500,000. Cashable upon maturity only. Available to personal and non-personal accounts. Due to local and proxy caching on the Internet, please ensure that you are viewing rates as at the current day's date.

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