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Flexible, secure, and comprehensive payment solutions in partnership with Global Payments​​

Global Payments is a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions. They simplify the ever-growing complexity of the payment experience so that you can seamlessly accept any form of payment - anytime, anywhere, any way.

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No monthly fee if you keep a minimum daily closing balance of $3,000 throughout the month^

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Fast and flexible access to funds

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Flexible, secure, and comprehensive solutions

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New Clients

To take advantage of our fast and simple Small Business Loans offered in partnership with Driven, start by opening a Small Business eChequing account today!

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Existing Clients

Existing Small Business e-Chequing Account customers, please contact us.

Benefits to you and your business

Contactless Payments

​Adjusting your way of doing business doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. During these unprecedented times, you may be searching for new ways to conduct business, including accepting payments at the curb or your customer’s doorstep.
With a full range of mobile payments solutions, including Mobile Pay, Global Payments can help keep your business objectives.

What is Mobile Pay and how can it help your business?

Mobile Pay is a powerful mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) tool that allows you to acept payments and access payment data anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Pay comprises the following:
- Global Payments Mobile Pay App
- Mobile Pay Card Reader
​- Mobile Pay Cloud-based Dashboard

Seamlessly accept any form of payment, anywhere, any way

No matter what type of business you run, getting paid – quickly, simply – is critical. Alterna Bank has partnered with Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions. We aim to make it easy for you to offer the payment solution your clients want and to accept payments in the way your business needs – in-person, in-app, online and on the go.

Whatever your payment technology and software needs, Alterna Bank and Global Payments are here to help you grow your business.

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^ No monthly fee with a minimum daily closing balance of $3,000 throughout the month ($5 monthly fee if minimum balance is not maintained)​. Fees apply for account closed within 90 days of opening

Please refer Alterna Bank Business Fee Schedule for a detailed listing of account features and fees.

CS Alterna Bank operates as Alterna Bank. CS Alterna Bank is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

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