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About Us

Our Connection to the Community

​As a part of the Alterna Savings family, Alterna Bank shares a strong commitment to community and social responsibility.

We’re not your average bank. We put our people and community before our profits. In fact, approximately 85 cents of every dollar at Alterna Bank, and our parent credit union Alterna Savings, is reinvested back into our local communities through partnerships with non-profit organizations, sponsorship of community events and grants.

Supporting Community Organizations and Events

Alterna Bank is committed to local communities. After all, just like you, we live and work here.

We are committed to supporting events and organizations that help the communities you live in.

Actions speak louder than words, right?

We think so.

We’re accepting sponsorship and partnership requests. Please submit all proposals to our Community Involvement Specialist in our Marketing and Communications Department at the following address:

319 McRae Avenue, 2nd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Z 0B9
​Fax: 613.560.0177 or 1.866.560.0177

We are here for you.

Welcome to client centered banking and award-winning service, products and total transparency that truly puts the good in banking.
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