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Ratehub.ca announces Alterna Bank as a Personal Finance Award winner

Toronto, ON – January 30, 2019 - Canada’s Top Personal Chequing Account, TFSA and RRSP Savings Account goes to Alterna Bank as part of Ratehub.ca’s second annual Personal Finance Award competition.Alterna Bank is a fully digital bank that’s thriving in an age of disruption in the banking sector. They offer competitive rates that ignore the marketing ploy of temporary offers. They serve the financial well-being of Canadians in the ways that they want and expect to be served. Alterna Bank is the good in banking. They put people before profits.
“It’s an honour to be recognized by Ratehub.ca for the products we offer. At Alterna Bank, we are very attentive to our clients’ need for consistently competitive rates. We don’t use promos and teasers to bait them, we provide convenience in their busy lives through our constant focus on innovation. This all adds up to an outstanding customer experience that sets us apart from the Big Five,” says Rob Paterson, Alterna Bank President and Chief Executive Officer.

Opening accounts at Alterna is “very easy” says Ratehub.ca. This includes their choice chequing account – the Alterna Bank No Fee eChequing account which offers the top three most important features Canadians value in a chequing account – no fees, unlimited day-to-day transactions and unlimited Interac® e-Transfers.

Ratehub.ca chose Alterna Bank’s TFSA eSavings account because it’s one of the best in Canada. Clients can get a highly competitive 2.35% interest rate, which is available with zero fees and now, because of limit increases, a TFSA eSavings is an excellent way to save more money.

Alterna is especially proud to be Ratehub.ca’s new top RRSP savings account! “Alterna won here too, and rightfully so,” says Ratehub. “They offer a great customer phone service, a very good high-interest rate on the RRSP at 2.35% and the account is offered to all Canadians in French or English. It was also the top choice by our Ratehub.ca users and it ranked in rate stability, product features. There is also no minimum balance required and the account comes with zero fees.”

About Alterna Bank

Alterna Bank has been a federally licenced bank for 20 years that introduced a fully digital offer in 2016, and convenient digital mortgages in 2017. Alterna Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alterna Savings and Credit Union Ltd. For more information visit Alterna Bank.

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Jackie Duhard – Corporate Communications Specialist

Alterna Bank

P: 613.560.0150 ext. 6031

E: Jackie.Duhard@alterna.ca

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