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Mobile Banking

Access your account anywhere, anytime.

Managing your finances should be quick and easy. With the Alterna Bank mobile app – you can experience The Good in Banking™ right at your fingertips.

With the Alterna Bank app you can:

    • Deposit cheques using your phone
    • View account activity, balances and recent transactions
    • Pay bills
    • Transfer money between your accounts
    • Send, receive and request money through Interac e-Transfers®
    • Set up alerts and notifications

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Download the app and sign in!

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Register with your account number and current contact information (email or cell phone) on file.

How to deposit cheques with the Alterna Bank mobile app

Quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how it works:

1. Open your Alterna Bank Mobile Banking app on your smartphone
2. Select your account
3. Enter the amount
4. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
5. Confirm the details
6. Send. That’s it.

Once you’ve deposited your cheque, you can throw it out after 90 days. It’s safe to do so as the cheque will have been completely processed with any and all queries settled by that time. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, as we’ll double-check everything.

Mobile Banking & Remote Deposit

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile application (mobile app) is software that can be downloaded from an online app store and installed on a smartphone running a compatible operating system, such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. Apple’s tagline, “There’s an app for that,” best characterizes the diverse functions and activities mobile apps offer, ranging from games and social networking to business, e-commerce and financial applications. Alterna Bank’s mobile apps are a ‘stripped-down’ version of our online banking that provide on-the-go access to the most sought-after features.

Yes, you will need to log into online banking with your member number and temporary password before logging into the mobile app.

Your security is top priority, which is why our mobile banking uses the same level of secure protection as our full Online Banking. You log in with the same credentials, and once you log out, your secure session will end.

Are you secure?

Read these tips to protect yourself while banking on-the-go.

For security reasons, your online banking password can only be changed through our secure online banking, in the Profile and Preferences section. If you can’t remember your password, call us to have it reset and obtain a temporary password. Then, login to online banking using the temporary password, go to Profile and Preferences, then Change Password to change your password to something you'll easily remember.

Immediately change your online banking password. If you can’t access online banking, visit one of our branches or call our Contact Centre as soon as possible.

As long as you have access to internet and a signal*, mobile banking is available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

You can cancel the app by simply deleting the application from your phone. Mobile web access is always available through the Internet on your smartphone or mobile device. Changing your online banking password will prevent anyone from accessing your account(s) should your device be lost or stolen.

  1. Login to mobile banking app 

  2. Select Accounts in the bottom navigation to open a list of your accounts

  3. Select the account the cheque was drawn on from the list for account Details and Transactions 

  4. Select the magnifying glass icon, then select “Filters” 

  5. Enter the dates in the “Transaction from” and “To” fields or use the monthly drop-down list to select the month you would like to search

  6. Click on “advanced search options”

  7. Select “Cheque only” or 

  8. Use the “Search by cheque number” option by entering the cheque number in the “Cheque #” field, or 

  9. Use the “search by cheque number range” option by completing the “from” and “to” fields

  10. Select Apply filters

You can easily order cheques on Alterna’s online banking website or mobile app.

  1. Login to the mobile banking app
  2. Click on “more”
  3. Select “Products and Services”
  4. Select “Order cheques”
  5. Select an account
  6. Complete the Cheque information and submit the online cheque order form.

Mobile user clicks on 'More', Products and Services, View eStatements  

  1. Login to the mobile banking app 
  2. Click on “more”
  3. Select “Products and Services”
  4. Select “view eStatements” to access your current and past banking statements 

Review the dates and times of your access of digital banking and whether it was via mobile or online banking.

Creating a new password that meets the password requirements of our new digital banking platform helps to ensure the security of your money.

Passwords must be between 8-12 characters and contain a minimum of 1 number and 1 letter.

To use this feature, the geolocation function must be turned on for your computer or device. Locations can only be logged if this function was active at the time of access.

  1. Location access history displays the city, country and date where your account was accessed through online banking or the mobile app.
  2. Location access history can be found under Profile & Preferences > Security > Location Access History.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Deposit is a feature of the Alterna Bank Mobile Banking App that will allow clients to conveniently, quickly and securely deposit Canadian cheques on their iOS and Android devices by taking a picture of the physical cheque.

Deposits can be made in a few easy steps:

1. Open the Alterna Bank Mobile Banking App for iOS or Android
2. Tap ‘Deposits’
3. Select the account and enter the amount of the cheque
4. Take a picture of the front and back of the cheque and tap submit

Remote Deposit is currently available on the Alterna Bank Mobile Banking App for Android and iOS devices.

Convenience. Remote Deposit allows clients to deposit a cheque anywhere at any time of the day or night.

Immediate Access. Clients can access their funds the same way as if they had deposited the cheque at an ATM (same holds apply). Plus, clients can view the transaction instantly through mobile or web banking.

This feature can only be used by our Alterna Bank clients with online banking and who have downloaded the Alterna Bank Mobile Banking App for iOS or Android on their smartphone or tablet.

For Business clients, the service works for individuals who have both view-only and full-access online banking services set up. Individuals associated with the account as Signers or Account Administrators will be able to use the feature, however those who are set up as delegates will not be able to use the feature.

Similar to deposits at an ATM or in the branch, funds immediately appear in the client’s account with availability to those funds subject to normal Alterna Bank hold periods.

For Business clients, the hold period will be determined by the relationship level, with up to $5,000 being immediately available to the client.

  • Clients are required to keep their cheque for 90 days after which it should be destroyed.

  • It’s recommended that after the cheque has been deposited that members write ‘deposited via mobile’ across the front of the cheque.

Please refer to the Service Fee brochure.

No, there is no maximum amount for daily deposits.

No, there is no limit on how many cheques that can be deposited using this service.

The Mobile Remote Data Capture solution performs over 30 image quality assurance tests on each picture submitted to ensure that the image is accurate and that each field can be read. If the image does not meet all the criteria, the deposit transaction fails and the client will be asked to take a new picture.

Remote Deposit can only deposit Canadian cheques or clearing items including:

  • Regular Canadian dollar cheques

  • Government of Canada cheques

  • Money orders

  • Bank drafts

  • Convenience cheques

  • Certified cheques

Remote Deposit cannot accept the following:

  • US Funds Cheque

  • US Cheque

  • Non-Canadian and Non-US Cheque

  • Traveler’s Cheque

  • Return item/RRD

  • CRDs

  • Savings Bonds

  • Canada Post Money Order

Yes, Remote Deposit works the same way for Business Online Banking. Regardless of whether the business Client is set up with full access or view only access they can make deposits to their account through remote deposit. Both Account Administrators and Signers will be able to use this feature. Delegates will not be able to use the feature.

A common concern about Remote Deposit is the perceived increase in the risk of fraud. With Remote Deposit there are no additional security concerns beyond those currently associated with physical cheque deposits. Additionally, Remote Deposit meets the same high standards as Alterna Bank’s mobile and online banking services.

DO ensure that the name of the payee indicated on the cheque matches the name of the account holder exactly.

DON’T attempt to deposit cheques made to people other than the account holder.

Yes. The standard hold periods apply to cheques deposited by way of remote deposit. Please find more information on hold periods here at our webpage “Access To Funds” page here.

No, once a cheque has been deposited using our remote deposit feature, it cannot be cancelled. If you have further questions, please call the Contact Centre.

Reminder: If you have previously downloaded the Alterna Bank mobile app and enabled Quickview, our newest update will require you to login again to automatically re-enable the feature. To update your preferences, click on Settings > Account Preferences within the app.

* Use of our mobile banking or apps is free, but data charges or banking fees may apply. Please check with your mobile device carrier and our service fee listing for applicable charges.

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