Cannabis Banking Services

​Alterna and the Cannabis Industry

Since 2016, Alterna has been working with regulated medical marijuana producers. As one of Canada’s first andleading financial institutions to support the cannabis industry, Alterna has continued to meet the needs of cannabisproducers through products and services tailored to them. In addition to supporting producers, Alterna has craftedproducts and services designed to help retailers across Canada.

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​Banking Services

At Alterna we offer a wide variety of full serviceBusiness Banking Packages that are designed tomeet the unique needs of your business.

​Cash Management Solution

Brink's CompuSafe® powered by Alterna’s Express Deposit Access

Provides access to your cash deposits the next daywithout the need to pay for daily transportation.

With the Brink’s CompuSafe service with ExpressDeposit Access, a deposit is made to your accountand the physical cash is collected and transportedby Brink’s to a cash processing center, based on aschedule that meets your needs.

​Wire Transfers

Alterna offers wire transfers, a quick and easyway to send and receive money internationally.

​Payment Services

Seamlessly accept any form of payment, anywhere,any way.

Whatever your payment technology and softwareneeds, Alterna and Global Payments are here tohelp you grow your business.

​Special programs for business

Alterna has crafted an exclusive offer forbusinesses to offer to their employeesincluding discounts on mortgages, increaseson investments and incentives on new accountand lines of credit.

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