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Alterna Bank Announces Partnership with the Vancouver Warriors

VANCOUVER, B.C. – March 20, 2019, Alterna Bank is thrilled to announce a multi-year partnership with the Vancouver Warriors.

A professional team in the National Lacrosse League, the Warriors are playing their inaugural 2019 season home games at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C.

“For the price of a movie ticket, the family can enjoy live entertainment that really gets the adrenaline pumping,” says Rob Paterson, President and CEO of Alterna Bank. “I’m very pleased that Alterna Bank is a catalyst in bringing new, affordable entertainment to an otherwise expensive city. I can’t wait to take my family to a game.”

Supporting cost-effective entertainment for the whole family seems a perfect fit for Alterna Bank, which is all about providing great products and services at amazing rates. We don’t do teaser rates and we always have our members’ financial well-being in mind. For less than $20 a ticket for a Warriors game, families can spend the day out celebrating and rooting for their home teams.

The national summer sport of Canada, lacrosse is known as the fastest sport that is played on two feet, and it requires extreme athleticism. In addition to partnering with the Warriors, Alterna is also the official sponsor of the Toronto Rock and champions of lacrosse in local communities.

“Partnering with Alterna Bank is a natural fit for us,” comments David Comuzzi, Canucks Sports and Entertainment Senior Director of Lacrosse Operations. “We are excited to work with Alterna as a founding partner of the Vancouver Warriors to give our lacrosse fans choices when it comes to entertainment and banking.”

At Warrior games, fans can discover the good in banking while receiving an exciting chance to dance their way – on the Alterna Dance Cam – to win an Alterna Bank backpack with a crisp $100 dollar bill inside.

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