About Us

Welcome to Alterna Bank.

Since you popped by, we thought we’d let you know what makes us such an awesome choice for your hard-earned money. Choosing Alterna Bank means choosing the best possible rates, and getting access to quickly and easily open e-banking products on the go. Because in today’s crazy, busy world, that just makes sense.

We also serve up all this goodness on our e-banking products virtually (not through brick and mortar branches) so we can pass those savings onto you. That means saying “no” to fees, and “yes” to all the benefits of our easy to use e-banking products, fab rates and a super-friendly customer service team. That team is always ready to help make your life easier at 1.866.560.0120.  

In fact we’re all so friendly here that Rob (our head honcho) would love to hear from you! He’s always listening, and reads every word, at CEO_President@alterna.ca.

Still prefer a smiling face or a traditional bank account? We get that! For our non e-banking clients, Alterna Bank also operates in Gatineau, Quebec and 33 branch locations in Ontario through Alterna Savings. Alterna Bank deposits are guaranteed and protected by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.      

We’re truly Canadian

Alterna Bank was created in 2000 as a subsidiary of Alterna Savings, a 100 year-old credit union, and the first in Canada outside of Quebec.