About Us

The Alterna Difference

We put your money to work the best we can. We’re unrelenting when it comes to competitive rates for spending and saving. And since it’s your money, you need quick access. That’s how we earn business.

How we do it.

We keep marketing costs low. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best way to get new customers. And keep current ones. When we do promote, we are very efficient.

We Appreciate.

Each year, the Alterna Board of Directors votes unanimously to keep profit margins slim, considerably lower than the big banks. This is our way of profitsharing with you.

Pay it forward.

We’re all about corporate social responsibility. That’s why we sponsor local initiatives that foster learning and promote earning. We know that what goes around, comes around.

100 years young.

Alterna Bank is a division of Alterna Savings, Canada’s first credit union outside of Quebec. Started in 2000, we now offer bank services to Canadians from all corners of the country.

Say Hello.

We’re not a big bank, so we use our size to our advantage. Want to voice a concern or say hello? Email our president, Rob Paterson, at ceo_president@alterna.ca. He’ll write you back.